Red Truck Lager – Red Truck Beer

Red Truck Lager is a great local craft beer out of North Vancouver bc on tap. You can find it at many local Metro Vancouver bars and restaurants. This is a full flavored lager not like the mass produced swill that you buy in bulk cases from the big breweries. If you like a Lager with something more try this out next time you are at the pub.  Click on the link below to find out where you can enjoy Red Truck Lager.

2 comments on “Red Truck Lager – Red Truck Beer

  1. […] Red Truck Beer Company has launched a mixed 12 case since the opening of their new brewery in Vancouver.  The mixed case is called the Craftmaster 12 and includes 3x IPA, 3x ISA, 3x Ale and 3x lager. […]

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