Howe Sound Lager – Howe Sound Brewing

From Howe Sound brewing in Squamish comes their Lager.  This is  there only beer not sold in 1L resealable bottles.  The Lager is only sold in 6 packs either at the brewery or at the odd store you can find it in(or the odd pub like this can).  The lager is a much fuller flavor lager than most as it is a craft lager and as such is 5.5% alcohol.  This is not your Molson or Bud it actually has a flavor that you can appreciate as it has not been over processed and filtered.  This is a beer that I would recommend to all beer fans not just craft beer fans as it is a very accessible beer!

Like the can says this beer is BRILLIANT!

Updated and expanded.

One comment on “Howe Sound Lager – Howe Sound Brewing

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