Cheakamus Chai-Maple Ale – Whistler Brewing

From Whistler Brewing comes the “Cheakamus Chai-Maple Ale”.  The beer has a dark brown appearance with some deep red hues and a light brown head.  The smell of both maple and chai are almost overpowering and mask almost all other smells on this beer.  The beers flavor does not deviate from the smell one bit as it is heavy in both maple and chai flavors.  If you are a fan of both maple and chai you will probably love this beer.  For me it was a little to sweet for my taste buds but I am not a huge maple syrup fan.  The beer sits at a 5% alcohol content.  Interestingly enough Whistler Brewing only brews a portion of its beer in Whistler the other portion is brewed in the Okanagan.  The company is so green though that it trucks all of its water from Whistler for its Kamloops facility (Sure are environmentally conscious).   Whistler Brewing is owned by Kamloops Brewing Company


expanded from old blog.

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