Winter Beard Double Chololate Cranberry Stout – Muskoka Brewery

Out of Bracebridge Ontario come the “Winter Beard Double Chololate Cranberry Stout” from the Muskoka Brewery.  This beer was purchased in Alberta and Brought back to BC as it is not currently availible here.  The beer has a black opaque apearance with a brown almost chocolaty head that dissapears very quickley.  When you smell this beer you will smell cranberry first and formost then you will get malts and chocolates.  When it comes to flavor this is yet anouther beer that lies.  The taste of this beer is sweet with cranberry and malts with little to no chocolate flavor at all.  The beer is quite smooth but a bit to sweet for the style of beer.  This beer was a slow sipper not something you would enjoy drinking fast.

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