Parallel 49 Tasting Room – Vancouver

Parallel 49 Brewing is on of the new breweries on the block in Vancouver.  As of writing this post the brewery has had beer on the market for only 7 weeks.  In this 7 weeks though the have received way more demand for their beer than they could have imaged and can not keep up with demand for it.  What a problem to have!  The Brewery and tasting room are located at the same location in an industrial area in East Vancouver at 1950 Triumph St. Vancouver, BC, Canada (Right across from Coal Harbour Brewing Company).  In the future they plan on offering brewery tours but for now they have an exciting new addition to their brewery.

As you walk through the doors of the building you will enter into the brand new Parallel 49 tasting room (Open July 17th 2012!).  I was greeted by the owner of the brewery who also owns the craft beer brew house “St. Augustine’s”.   The owner is currently the person who staffs the tasting bar which is a really cool touch as there is no middle man.  The tasting room consists of a bar with taps of all 4 beer that they currently produce as well as some extra bar seating and a cooler for you to purchase your favorite beer to share with your friends.  They sell 6 packs of all 4 varieties of their beer.  A really nice touch is that they have a mixed 12 pack that consists of all 4 of their beer so you can take them all home and enjoy the whole line at home without breaking the bank on a 6 pack of each (not a terrible idea either). Click here for and explanation of a similar growler filling station.

The most exciting thing they have at this tasting room though is their specialized Growler filling station.  This specialized equipment purges the growler of all oxygen and replaces it with CO2 this will keep your beer fresh for far longer much like a keg.  Most growlers are good for up to 48 hours.  With this filling station you can have fresh beer for weeks not just days!  They sell Growlers for $5 and will fill growlers for $10.  Like the owner said though they are not in the business of selling glassware but in the business of selling beer and therefore will fill any proper growler (You can only have so many 1.89L bottles around your house).   If you do not know a growler is almost the same size as a 6 pack of beer so it is a good deal in the long run.

With no brewery tours currently available they decided to mount a big screen tv right behind the bar with a feed to their brewery so you are able to see what is currently going on inside the brewery.  They also plan on installing a camera inside the bottling area so you are able to watch the bottling as it happens!

If you have not yet tried their beer then you are really missing out as it is amazing beer!  The tasting room is open Monday to Saturday from 11am to 7pm currently and is well worth your time to check out.  So come out and support your local craft breweries by tasting their beer and leaving with a handful of their amazing brew!  I arrived at the tasting room just as it opened as I was in the area so I was lucky to have the tasting room to myself.

Check out the breweries website
parallel 49 Brewing

St. Augustines
St. Augustine’s Brew House

1950 Triumph St. Vancouver
BC, Canada V5L 1K5
604-558-BREW (2739)
Fax: 604-558-3774

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  2. […] Parallel 49 only offers tours during scheduled dates and times.  You can always stop in to their Tasting Room to find out the next time they are offering them though as its open daily.  On August 3rd 2012 […]

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