Pow Town Porter – Townsite Brewing

From Pow Town better known as Powell River on the Sunshine Coast of BC’s Townsite Brewing comes the “Pow Town Porter”.  The beer pours a deep brown/amber colour with an off white head.  This beer smells great!  You will be able to find malt, chocolate and coffee in the aroma of this beer.  When you taste the porter you will get chocolate, coffee, caramel, malts and a slight bitterness that builds in the aftertaste.  The beers stats are an alcohol content of 5.8% and an IBU of 35.  If you are able to pick this beer up and it is getting easier in Metro Vancouver you really should.  See what the Sunshine Coast is cooking up!

Sorry about the bad flash I did not think to just bring the bottle inside to take the photo.  Darn beer and judgement.

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