6.26 Barrel Aged 17 Anniversary Scotch Ale – Russell Brewing

From Surrey BC’s Russell Brewing Company comes they “6.26 Barrel Aged 17 Anniversary Scotch Ale”.  For their 17th Anniversary Russel has created a Bourbon aged Ale that uses Scottish specialty peated malts.  The beer has a deep brown appearance with a small off white head.  The beer has the aroma of malt, hops and mild aromas of oak, bourbon and caramel.  The beers flavor is quite nice with some up front caramel and hops with some smoke and mild bourbon behind it.  There is a slightly woody flavor as well from the barrel aging and what I can only guess is a flavor from the peated malts that are used.  This beer has some body behind it for sure.  The beer is a 6.5% alcohol with an IBU of 30.  Here is hoping that they do a 18 year anniversary ale with the same recipe this one is pretty tasty.  This beer was only brewed once to mark this anniversary.


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