Mikes Craft Beer Tasting #1

On Friday August 10th 2012 I hosted a beer tasting with a small group of people.  The group included Carmen, Stu C, Tom, Rosalba , and I.  I am hoping to hold more tasting events in the future and this was a trial run.  Each person was to bring 2 different 500ml bottles (min) of different beer.  Rosalba only sampled a few beer so we did not tap into her beer she brought along.

Each person was responsible for taking notes on the beer being tasted be it smell, taste or appearance.  Each person was also asked to rate the beer on a scale of 1 – 10 on their personal enjoyment of the beer.  1 being swill 10 being amazing.

Beer Selection and average rating

Driftwood Brewing – Fat Tug IPA 6.5/10
Duchy Originals – Old Ruby Ale  6.25/10

Stu C
Howe Sound Brewing – 4 Way Fruit Ale  7/10
Abbatiale Dest Amands – Abbatiale Triple  7.5/10

Phillips Brewing – Hoperation Tripple Cross  7.25/10
Lagunita Brewing – Lagunitas Maximus  8/10

Odin Brewing – Freya’s Gold  6.75/10
Parallel 49- Seedspitter Watermelon Wit 6/10

As the review for these beer are written I will link them back to this post for your enjoyment.  All reviews will use the notes that I have received from the tasting.  Let me be clear that most of the group was participating in their first tasting.  This was just a fun event to see if I could pull a decent tasting off.  All seemed to have a ton of fun and we all enjoyed the beer on hand.

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