Freya’s Gold – Odin Brewing

O’hare’s Beer Club August Box and Mikes Craft Beer’s First Ever Tasting

From Seattle Washington’s Odin Brewing Comes “Freya’s Gold” a Kolsch Stle Golden Ale.  The beer smells of grains a light wheat and some faultiness.  The taste is of grains, malts, sweetness and some floral hops that are only lightly bitter.  The beer has a 4.5% alcohol content and an IBU of 18.  The reason this is a Kolsch style ale is that only beer made in Cologne, Germany can be considered Kolsch.  I happened to purchase a bottle of this beer at O’hare’s pub while getting ready for my beer tasting.  I then joined the beer club at O’hare’s a few days later and received a bottle in my first beer box (August).  That is why the beer shows up with both the Beer Box and the Beer Tasting.

Food Pairing according to O’hare’s Beer Club notes are as follows:  Sushi, White Fish, Pasta with cream sauce or Neapolitan Pizza

Click Here to Check out the August Box!

This beer was part of Mikes Craft Beer’s first ever tasting as was the very first beer sampled.  I personally rated this beer a 7/10 While Stu rated it a 7/10,  Carmen 7/10 and tom 6/10.

Read about the tasting here


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