Chilliwack Blonde – Old Yale Brewing

From Old Yale Brewing out of Chilliwack BC comes the “Chilliwack Blond”.  This is one great brewery right from the beer to the owners!  This beer pours a lager yellow with a white head.  This blonde has a sweet malty scent which is quite appealing.  The flavor is of sweetness, malts, citrus and a very light hops bite in the background. This is a very drinkable blonde ale akin to some pale ales.  Even though I am not big on cowboy hats on women I will be buying this beer again with no hesitation!  This is a good beer without a doubt.  I have tried this beer on tap and in bottle and so far suprisingly it tasted better in the bottle but that may have only been a coincidence.

One comment on “Chilliwack Blonde – Old Yale Brewing

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