Cornish Knocker Ale – Skinners Brewing Company

From England’s Skinners Brewing Company comes the “Cornish Knocker Champion Golden Ale”.  The beer pours a light golden colour with a white head.  The scent of the beer is primarily of malts with some citrus notes.  The flavor is also heavy on the malts with some citrus and light hops bitterness notes.  The beer comes in at a lighter 4.5% alcohol content.  The bottle made me laugh with this beer so I had to purchase it on that merit alone.  I am happy to say it was a good impulse buy!

2 comments on “Cornish Knocker Ale – Skinners Brewing Company

  1. Ah yes, I just tried this one. True ales are quite unusual aren’t they? Much subtler than the carbonated stuff we’re used to on this side of the pond.

    • It is a bit of a different animal yes but they are quite tasty none the less. I find the real difference is in the hops addition on this side of the pond. We like it bolder than they do! From pale ale to IPA.

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