Russian Imperial Stout – Rick August (Russell Brewing)

Russell Brewing out of Surrey BC has begun holding a home brewers content annually called the “Golden Stag Home Brewing Contest”.  In 2011 Rick August won the grand prize which intitled him to have his beer brewed as a single batch beer and sold in stores locally.  The name of the winning beer was the “Rick August: Russian Imperial Stout”.  The beer pours a black opaque colour with a brown head.  The scent of the beer is of sweet malts and coffee.  The flavor of the beer is more complex with coffee, sweet malts and some peat flavoring with a bitter hops finish.  This beer uses 10 types of malts, 2 types of Hops and a special yeast strain, juniper berries and licorice root.  Not being a huge fan of peat in my beer this was not high on my list of beer.  The beer has an alcohol content of 10.8% well into the range of Imperial beer.

Congrats to Rick August though!  It would be a huge honor to win a contest like this!

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