Red Truck Brewing Ground Breaking Ceremony Sept 27th, 2012

Red Truck Brewing has outgrown their Brewery located in North Vancouver and has decided to build a new larger location in the Brewery Creek District of Vancouver on East 1st.

This is a rendering of what the new location will look like when finished.  Not my photo but a promotional shot.

Instead of doing a boring ribbon cutting or having the owner Mark James dig up a shovel full of dirt they thought up a much more fun and entertaining idea.  Some brilliant person at Red Truck decided they should drop an old red truck from a crane and see what would happen (why wouldn’t you?).  But why do this as a closed staff only event when you could invite the public to watch the spectacle with you.  This was a semi-private event as you had to RSVP a free ticket for entry.  The ticket got you a few free beer as well as a really cool Key shaped USB keychain branded with red truck.  If you drove up in a red truck you got VIP parking and a really cool toolbox swag kit!  The event had upwards of 500 people RSVP’d and it looked like a pretty full house.  The gates opened up around 2:45pm and the crowd filled quickly.  There was a DJ pumping out music and some great food carts there you keep you entertained and fed.  Everyone there was having a great time and mingling (drinking) and socializing even the whole crew from Parallel 49 Brewing was there from the owner to the brewing crew (Great guys!).  But the reason everyone was there was to watch a beat up old red truck fall from the sky!  So lets cut to the chase.  Mega Cranes was on hand to lift the truck high into the sky and intentionally drop the truck (This was the operators first dropped object and only intentionally dropped object and he was stocked) something never asked of crane companies for some reason.  Right near 4:00pm the music stopped and a few announcements happened followed by a countdown from 10.  I will let the photos do the talking!

Google+ Gallery with Larger Photos

Official Video!

I am really looking forward to when ground is actually broken on this site so that the brewery construction can begin!  Thanks to Red Truck for putting on this wonderful event and inviting all of us beer geeks to join in on their special day!  Also thanks for all the access I was granted while there!  It made for a ton of great photos to share with everyone that could not make it!

New location will be located at 315 East 1st Ave in Vancouver BC.

oh yes and to finish a truck was seriously hurt in the making of this amazing event!  But that is ok it is an inanimate object!

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