Heather Ale – Saltsprings Island Ales

I was lucky enough to head over to Campbell River for work recently and met up with Chris (@heavycf) of Leapbeer for lunch and a few beer.  We headed to his base of operations for his blog Leapbeer the “Leapbeer Tasting Room” and talked beer.  He was gracious enough to let me sample a beer I have not found on the Coast as of yet.

Coming from Salt Spring Island’s Saltspring Island Ales (Gulf Island Brewery) comes the “Heather Ale”.  This is a Scotish style ale that uses heather to bitter their beer over hops.  The heather used for this beer was grown at Butchart Gardens in Victoria.  The beer pours a very nice amber colour with a small white head.  The beer has a very pleasing aroma of heather, malts, honey and maybe a bit of yeast (Slight sour smell).  The taste is just as pleasing as the smell with the same floral heather, mild honey and some bitterness but minimal either from the heather or the hint of hops dicribed on the bottle.  If you find this bottle do yourself a favor and pick it up you will not be dissapointed.  I am only disapointed that I do not have a full bottle or two at home!

Click here to read the Leapbeer review of the Heather Ale

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