Redwoods Wine Barrel Aged Ale – Tree Brewing Company

Very Limited Release

From Kelowna’s Tree Brewing Company comes their very Limited Release beer “Redwoods Wine Barrel Aged Ale”.  This beer is only available at their Brewery in Kelowna as they only made a very limited amount of it!  What gives this beer its destinct scent and taste is the fact that it was aged for 100 days in an Okanagan Valley Wine Barrel!  The ale pours a copper/red colour with a very small off white head.  The ale smells of sweet malts, vanilla, toffee with light red wine aromas.  The flavor of this beer is very interesting with a nice malt profile with a slight hops bitterness balanced with toasted oak and mild red wines.  This beer has an alcohol content of 5% and comes in a wine shaped 750ml bottle.

I have had many oak aged beers ranging from Whiskey to Rum but none of them have been anything like this ale!  If you have a chance to head up to Kelowna or have a contact up there you should really get a bottle of this beer.  I know I am working on getting more bottles myself.

On the bottle “A red wine barrel aged beer brewed to celebrate the fall wine harvest in the Okanagan.  As our Vintners continue to produce the world class wines that have made the Okanagan Valley famous we invite you to raise a glass of this limited release brew in celebration of their efforts.”

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