Scottish Highland Cream Ale – Storm Brewing

From Vancouver’s Storm Brewing comes the “Scottish Highland Cream Ale”.  Storm Brewing is only available on tap such as at St Augustine’s on Commercial Drive where this pint was enjoyed.  Fashioned after the popular Scottish Cream Ales the beer is well suited to the rainy winters in Vancouver or Scotland.  The beer pours a hazy golden colour with a white head.  The beer has an aroma of grass, caramel and a hit of peated smoke.  The beer tastes of roasted barley, caramel, peated malts and some hops (Willamette Hops).  This beer has a very creamy consistency and is very smooth drinking.  The beer sits at an alcohol content of 5%.

One comment on “Scottish Highland Cream Ale – Storm Brewing

  1. […] the alterations and welding to his brewing equipment.  We were treated to samples of his “Scottish Highland Cream Ale“, ” Hurricane IPA” and the “Imperial Sour Flanders Red“.  One more […]

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