Dead Frog Brewing, Brewery Tour/Tasting – Aldergrove

On October 27th 2012 my Girlfriend and I headed out to Dead Frog Brewery in Aldergrove for a brewery tour and tasting.  We had purchased a groupon which got us both a tour, tasting, t-shirts and coasters as part of the package.  When we arrived Tiffany the Marketing Coordinator and amazing tour guide welcomed us.  She then showed us to the tasting room to wait for the rest of the group to arrive.


Once everyone arrived the beer tasting started.  The first beer to be sampled was their lager.  This is a nice lager that actually has some flavour unlike some many lagers on the market!  We then moved onto the Pepper Lime Lager one of my favorite lagers with just the right amount of bother pepper and lime to make it exciting.  The next brew was the Mandarin Orange Amber Ale a nice flavourful ale and the first beer to explore the ale lineup they produce.  Once we were primed up we hit the brewery for our tour.

The brewery was set up like many other working breweries with the Mash Tun and Kettle on one side with the raw materials.  The other side held the fermentors and bottling line.  Tiffany did a great job explaining to the group how the brewing process worked.  I peeled off at this time to have a quick chat with Tim Brown the newest brewmaster at Dead Frog and one of the two masterminds behind the new Fearless IPA.  Tim is a great guy that I would love to sit back and just share a pint and shoot the breeze with!

Once our brewery tour was done we headed back into the tasting room to finish our tasting!  The next beer to be tasted was the Pale Ale.  Starting in 2012 the recipe for this beer has been changed to more resemble other craft pale ales on the market.  What a great move as this beer is amazing!  We then moved onto their top-selling fall/winter beer the Nut Brown Ale.  A great well-balanced nutty ale that goes down well on a rainy Metro Vancouver/Fraser Valley day!  Once the Nut Brown was finished we moved onto their brewmaster series beer.  The first of these was their Toasted Coconut Wit.  This was a hit at the tasting.  Wheat beer are always popular but you put in the taste of coconut and people seem to love it!  We then moved onto my new favorite beer in the dead from lineup.  The Fearless IPA is a beer to be feared by the Lager only crowd.  This is a beer that packs a real punch.  With a high hops content and a high alcohol content it is not for everyone although it is for me!

I am happy I headed out and did this tour as I had forgotten how much I liked their lagers.  With my current love of craft beer I had moved more to ales as most people do.  Make sure you check out these beer it is worth your while! This tour/Tasting is worth paying for to both learn their beer lignup and see where the magic happens.

Thanks Dead Frog and Tiffany!

Dead Frog Brewery
Unit 1 – 27272 Gloucester Way,
Aldergrove, BC
Ph. 1-888-856-1055
Fx. 604-856-9803

All tours are done by appointment only so make sure you call or email ahead!

Dead frog Brewing is currently running at 100% capacity as they recently signed a contract to brew all Steamworks Brewing beer destined to be bottled and sold in stores.  With Steamworks Brewing’s brewery so small it only made sense to license the brewing out to a brewery that could handle the volume.  All of their beer is brewed to a strict recipe and guideline to ensure the beer is to the same standard you have come to expect out of their Gastown Brewpub!

5 comments on “Dead Frog Brewing, Brewery Tour/Tasting – Aldergrove

  1. If you contact them, you might be able to get them to send you samples for promotion. I got me a small case of Fearless IPA that way. They’re good like that!

  2. cheryl says:

    Would love to come down and sample some great tasting beverages. Have heard great things. Is it possible for a group of 4 maybe 6. And what are times and costs. Thanks.

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