Winter Beeracle – Dead Frog Brewing

Winter Seasonal

Well  Tony Dewald and Timmy Brown are back at it again. The Duo have come together for their second collaboration beer (Fearless IPA being the first).  Dead Frog Brewing out of Aldergrove BC are working towards their relaunch early in 2013.  Beer geeks are getting pretty geeked about this as Tony Dewald and Timmy Brown seem to have good beer creating chemistry!  This years Winter seasonal is a departure from previous years Winter brew (See Christmas Beeracle).  This year Dead Frog have mixed it up name and recipe alike!  Now known as the “Winter Beeracle” this is a totally different beast.  The beer pours a deep amber/brown colour with a tan head.  The aroma dominated by vanilla but also shows some chocolate malts and orange peel.  The flavour of the beer is of vanilla up front followed by hints of chocolate, sweet caramel, citrus and a very mild hops.  The alcohol content of this beer is 7.5% and the IBU is 25.

Tony and Timmy have done it again!  This is a very nice winter ale that most people should be able to appreciate!

Bottle Description:  Our Winter Beeracle is a warm, deep mahogany ale with rich, complex malt flavours and a sweetness to compliment the season.  The warmth of the beer is punctuated by deep malt flavours from chocolate malts, a hint of vanilla in the aroma and flavour, and a dry citrus finish.  All the flavours come together to create a rich, delicious winter ale.

Malted barley: 2 row, biscuit, cara 60, chocolate

Hops:  Cascade, perle

If you like getting badges then this beer is also for you!  This time it is the Frostbite Badge!

More bottle info:  Our Winter Beeracle is a celebration of all the good things that winter brings.  Complex beers, warm fires, close family, and good friends.  The days may be short but they’re full, and that’s alright with us.

This is the second beer from our dynamic bruo Tony and Timmy.  It’s deep, complex, and layered.  Just like them.

IMG-20121206-00040 IMG-20121213-00037

4 comments on “Winter Beeracle – Dead Frog Brewing

  1. I see you got your delivery too! Glad you liked it, it was quite good wasn’t it?

    • I sure did! It was very nice. Reminds me of a stronger vertical winter ale by tree brewing. I was sad to hear Tiffany at dead frog is stepping away except for tours. Promo beer may dry up

      • Oh yeah, I still haven’t tried that. But I was reminded of Granville Island’s winter ale too. Is she the nice lady that’s been handling all our orders? 😉

      • Tiffany is the girl that has been handling the marketing and promotions. She was offered a job closer to home with her sister so she had to take it. She will still be handeling the tours but that is it. Makes me sad as she is really sweet and a great person to talk to through email or in person.

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