Hop Therapy Double IPA – Russell Brewing

Limited Edition

From Russell Brewing out of Surrey BC comes their limited edition “Hop Therapy Double IPA”.  An off white head tops a cloudy golden amber brew.  The aroma consists of pine, citrus, orange and floral hops.  The flavour is of pine, citrus, orange and a big hops bitterness.  This brew has a very dry finish.  The beer has an alcohol content of 9% and an IBU of 100.

Commercial Description:  “As a beer style, the Double IPA is designed to showcase the hops. We’ve used a massive amount of hops including Amercican Amarillo, Cascade and Columbus. We had six hop additions in the brew kettle and two rounds of dry hopping to finish. At 100 IBU’s, this beer is dry, strong and bitter. We hope everyone enjoys its clean bitterness, refreshing aroma and big hop flavour”.

Photo from http://www.russellbeer.com

5 comments on “Hop Therapy Double IPA – Russell Brewing

  1. heavycf says:

    Such a damn fine IIPA, I wish Russell would brew it more often.

  2. Let’s hope they brew it again next fall at least!

  3. […] Courtenay Website: http://www.russellbeer.com/bml_beer.asp#null Other Reviews: Barley Mowat, Mikes Craft Beer Blog, Beer Advocate, Rate […]

  4. terryhickey says:

    Got the 2013 version, so far one of my favourite double IPA’s out there, such an ‘experience’ beer with some great complexity in the hops and malts.

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