Artisan IPA – Bowen Island Brewing

From Bowen Island Brewing now brewed in Kamloops by Kamloops Brewing Company comes their “Artisan IPA”.  They describe their beer as an english IPA.  This is not an IPA as it is missing the key flavour component, hops bitterness.  This brew pours a lager yellow with a white head.  The aroma is of sweet biscuit malts and citrus.  The flavour is of sweet biscuit malts, citrus and a very mild hops.  This beer almost tastes like a lager (marzen).  Think Alexander Keiths.  It is a decent blonde ale/lager but very poorly categorized.  The alcohol content is 5.5%.

Commercial Description:  Defined by its distinct flavour profile and higher level of alcohol, the Bowen Island India Pale Ale has a light golden colour and a hoppy aroma.  You will notice a hoppy bitterness to begin with, followed by a medium level of maltiness and body.

It finishes with a refreshingly fruity grapefruit flavour.  This IPA will taste more reminiscent of your classic, authentic English IPA, rather than a North American style  IPA.

Food pairing as per Bowen Island Brewing: Buffalo wings, Roast beef, Blackened chicken, Chili, Burgers



2 comments on “Artisan IPA – Bowen Island Brewing

  1. Chuck says:

    Actually, it’s brewed by NorthAm Brewing, an umbrella company that controls all of Kamloops Brewing, Bowen Brewing and Whistler Brewing.

    Minimally they deserve some slight credit for Whistler now being brewed in Whistler, albeit only recently.

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