Russian Imperial Stout (Barrel Aged Series) 2013- Parallel 49 Brewing (Aged 0 years)

From East Vancouver’s Parallel 49 Brewing comes the first beer in their new Barrel Aged Series the “Russian Imperial Stout”.  This beer has been aged over a number of months in Jack Daniel’s Barrels and was release in January 2013.  The Stout pours black as night with a brown head.  The aroma consists of dark fruit, roasted malts and some alcohol.  The flavour of this beer was much deeper with whiskey, oak, roasted malts, dark fruits, chocolate, brown sugar and mild alcohol.  The alcohol content of the brew is 10.9% with an IBU of 49.  I would highly recommend picking up a number of these bottles.  One to enjoy now (and you will) and some more to enjoy down the road as it will most likely age really well!

Commercial Description:  In the 18th century, this bold, strong stout was brewed in London for the long and treacherous trip to the Imperial courts of Russia. In keeping with this stoic tradition, this whiskey-barrel aged imperial stout is warm, full bodied and fit for a Czar.  Ingredients: Roasted Barley, Pale, Chocolate, Munich & Crystal Malts, Magnum & Fuggles Hops, Yeast.

A-lM-D-CEAAk6NY  IMG-20130109-00150
Barrel Photo from Parallel 49’s Twitter account


One comment on “Russian Imperial Stout (Barrel Aged Series) 2013- Parallel 49 Brewing (Aged 0 years)

  1. […] said Double Chocolate Stout at my local purveyor proved difficult, so I elected to go local and use Parallel 49′s Russian Imperial Stout […]

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