Hopdemonium IPA – Powell Street Craft Brewery

The “Hopdemonium IPA” is the latest brew from the new Powell Street Craft Brewery in East Vancouver.  The India Pale Ale pours a cloudy orange/amber colour with an off white head.  The aroma consists of heavy pine and floral hops with some citrus notes.  The flavour is of pine and bitter earthy hops and a slightly sweet citrus.  My guess would be that Simcoe® hops were heavily used in this brew.  The alcohol content comes in at an 8% and the IBU is 88.  This is one great hop bomb of an IPA!

Commercial Description:  This Pacific Northwest IPA is packed with so many hops it was hard to keep them all in the kettle. We’ve counterbalanced the intense floral, piney, and citrus hop profile with a strong malt base, giving this ale a wonderful golden colour.

powell street ipa  IMG_00000015_01

3 comments on “Hopdemonium IPA – Powell Street Craft Brewery

  1. beermebc says:

    Still haven’t given this one a try. I’ll have to head over and pick up a bottle or three.

    You say it is golden but the pic is very dark. Is that the photo or the beer?

  2. […] had just been released that day!  We also sampled their “Old Jalopy Pale Ale“, “Hopdemonium IPA” and their “Dive Bomb Porter“.  All of these beer are top notch buy my personal […]

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