Demeter’s Harvest Wheatwine 2012- Half Pints Brewing


From Winnipeg Manitoba’s half Pints Brewing Company comes their seasonal “Demeter’s Harvest Wheatwine 2012”.  This beer is not available in British Columbia at this time as Half Pints Brewing is more or less not available in BC.  The beer pours a cloudy red/brown colour with an off white head.  The aroma consists of wheat, malts, honey and an overall sweetness.  The flavour was of wheat, malts, honey, sweetness, fruit, some mild bitterness and a just a hint of alcohol.  the alcohol content of this beer is 11% and the IBU is 75.  I really enjoyed this wheatwine as it was very drinkable yet reminded me of a barleywine.  If you can get your grubby mitts on this beer grab a bottle or two!  I know I have a bottle in my cellar to be opened at a later date.

Demeter, goddess of the harvest is the inspiration for this Wheatwine from Half Pints Brewing Company. A base of malted wheat, barley, and wildflower honey celebrate the fruit of the land, while Centennial and Columbus hops lend their firmly citrus undertones to the finish of this beer. As we all know, the gods can be vengeful at times, so share this extra strong ale amongst friends served in brandy glasses at 10 C. Try it with Vietnamese Fresh Rolls with a spicy peanut sauce, aged French Goat’s Cheese or Duck a L’orange.


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