Molto Bella Espresso IPA – Tree Brewing Company

Limited Release

From Kelowna BC’s Tree Brewing Company comes their “Molto Bella Espresso IPA”.  This beer is a colaberation between Tree Brewing Company and Giobean Espresso.  The beer pours an orange/amber colour with an off white head.  The aroma consists largly of espresso and some hops hidden in behind.  The flavour is dominated by strong espresso and hops witch round out the bitterness of the beer while showing signs of grapefruit and caramel.  The flavour and bitterness both come from the espresso more so than the hops.  If you do not like espresso this may not be your thing.  I quite enjoyed this brew and look forward to cracking open a new bottle some time soon.  The alcohol content of the beer is 4.8%.

Commercial Description:  Tree Brewing Company and Giobean Espresso collaborated to brew this occasional rarity, Molto Bella Espresso IPA.
Molto Bella Espresso IPA is brewed using the award winning recipe of Tree Brewing IPAs infused with Giobean’s own special blend of the finest espresso.
The result is a full bodied brew with notes of citrus, grapefruit and pine balanced with treacle sweetness of toffee, marzipan, roasted almonds and undertones of dark, slightly spiced chocolate.


6 comments on “Molto Bella Espresso IPA – Tree Brewing Company

  1. Those dreaded words, limited release. Because I’ll normally just buy the one bottle to sample, and if it’s fantastic, there’s that chance it will all be gone by the time I go back for some more, or if I go back for some more and buy 5 to hoard them, I might suddenly find that limited release isn’t nearly as limited as I imagine and it’s somehow always there whenever I go back, so I didn’t need to buy 5 at once.

  2. Dustan says:

    The ipa got lost in the espresso here. I wasn’t a big fan…

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