Seymour White Out (Kolsch) – Bridge Brewing Company

Seasonal Alert!

Bridge Brewing Company is at it again with a brand new seasonal brew.  The North Vancouver Brewery released their brand new “Seymour White Out (Kolsch)” today!  A kolsch beer is an ale brewed with lager malts with a mild hopieness.  This beer pours a straw yellow with a white head.  The aroma consists of lager malts and a mild fruity floral hops.  The flavour is of lager malts, fruity citrus and a small but noticeable hops bitterness (almost spicy).  This beer uses lager malts but it is obviously an ale when you sip it.  The alcohol content of this beer is 5% and the IBU is 17.  This is by far their lightest ale to date and will be light enough for lager drinkers but still falvourful enough for all of us ale lovers.  I highly recommend you heading out and picking up a growler fill before it is sold out or out of season (who knows which one comes first).

Commercial Description:  Our Seymour White Out is a refreshing take on a traditional Kolsch, perfect for the clearer skies ahead.  Lager Malt profile, fermented with an Ale yeast.  This leads to a fruitier taste, with a light hop bitterness.  Made with German Nobel Hops.

IMG-20130319-00494   IMG-20130319-00491

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