The Pike Brewing Company – Seattle Wa.

When in Seattle Washington do yourself a favour and head over to Pike Place Market for some great shopping.  While you are there though you will get thirst and hungry and you really must head over to The Pike Brewing Company for some great beer.  While you are there find out when they are doing tours and take the tour.  The tour guide does a great job of explaining everything from the grains used to brew the beer right up to each stage of the brewing process.  One really interesting thing about the malts used by Pike Brewing is that their base malt (70% of all malt used) comes from Canada.  The malt is grown in Saskatchewan and malted In British Columbia before being shipped to Seattle.  The brewery takes up portions of three levels of the building it sits in.  The mash tun sits on the level above the pub with the grist case (grist is malts that are gently crushed in a malt mill).  Gravity is the used to bring the wort down to the brew kettle which is half located on the brewpub floor and half below in the brewery itself.  The lower brewery level houses the fermentors, bright tanks and the bottling line.  every bit of beer sold by the Pike Brewing Company is brewed right at the brewery in this system!

You will not be disapointed checking out this brewery as the food is great and so is the beer.  My Girlfriend and I ended up at this pub more than a few times over the weekend!

The Pike Brewing Company
1415 First Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101
Telephone (206) 622-6044
(206) 622-8730

4 comments on “The Pike Brewing Company – Seattle Wa.

  1. Paul Casey says:

    I enjoyed seeing all that stainless steel! Thank you.

  2. alepinions says:

    Looks like you had an epic time!

  3. Mike says:

    Click here to find other breweries I have traveled write about.

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