London Town Brown Ale – Howe Sound Brewing

O’hare’s Beer Club April 2013 Box

From Squamish’s Howe Sound Brewing comes their “London Town Brown Ale” a beer created for the 400th tap list at the Alibi Room.  Through VanBrewers, Howe Sound Brewing and the Alibi Room a contest was held to find the best beer for the 400th tap list.  From 80 entries the London Town Brown Ale was chosen for this event.  The beer pours a deep brown and a red tinge with a brown head on top.  The aroma consists of roasted malts, coffee, caramel and an overall sweetness.  The flavour is of roasted malts, coffee, caramel some mild sweetness.  This is a very smooth beer with a creamy mouthfeel.  The alcohol content of this brew is 4.4% and the IBU is 17.  For a sessional ale this is a very full flavoured ale which is a hard thing to achieve.

Commercial Description:  London Town Brown Ale is an easy drinking, brown session ale, brewed with 2 row pale and Golden Promise malts, and dark and extra dark Crystal, Carafa II and chocolate malts,  Magnum hops were used for bittering.  In an age of big IPA’s and monstorous IBU’s, this mild ale showcases balanced flavour and the wonderful taste derived from a variety of roasted malts.  Many thants to VanBrewers and the Alibi Room for collaborating on this event.  Congratulations Jeff Hay-Roe

Food Pairing according to O’hare’s Beer Club notes are as follows:  Roast pork, aged Gouda

Click here to check out the April Box

IMG-20130304-00426  IMG_00000297

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