Shatterbier Golden Ale – The Moon Under Water Pub & Brewery

Limited Release

From The Moon Under Water Pub & Brewery out of Victoria comes their “Shatterbier Golden Ale” a Limited Release Golden Ale refermented with Saison and Champagne yeasts.  My bottle was 50/1200 total made.  The beer poured a cloudy orange colour with a white head.  The aroma was of a malts, citrus and coffee.  The flavour consisted of coffee up front with sweet citrus, malts, yeast and some spice.  The alcohol content of the beer is 9%.  This beer sounds weird but it really works.  The coffee and Golden Ale and Saison and Champagne yeasts all play well together.

Commercial Description:  There are two new brewers in Victoria. One crafts his science with malt, hops, & yeast, the other with berries from the Coffee shrub. Kalen selected a coffee from Ethiopia with exceptional fruit qualities and cold brewed it to highlight this unique characteristic. Clay provided a strong, effervescent base and fermented it dry with Saison and Champagne yeasts. Inspired by the great fruit beers of Belgium, they look to re-define what it means to fuse these two great beverages. Bright, fruity and acidic, Shatterbier challenges preconceptions and dares to break away from the norm.

IMG_00000220  IMG_00000219


One comment on “Shatterbier Golden Ale – The Moon Under Water Pub & Brewery

  1. Kevin Preston says:

    Sounds interesting…

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