Sigrun India Pale Ale – Odin Brewing

From Odin Brewing out of Seattle Washington USA comes the “Sigrun India Pale Ale” the newest beer in their lineup!  This IPA pours a light copper colour with a white head.  The aroma has a heavy malt presence with citrus, melon and a floral hops finish.  The flavour consists of sweet melons and citrus up front tons of malts and a great bitter finish.  The alcohol content of this brew is 6.1% and the IBU comes in at 50.

Commercial Description:  This easily approachable IPA is light copper in colour and brewed with lightly kilned barley and rye malts.  Numerous hop additions provide supple aromas of stone fruit and melon that finish with a crisp hop tang.  While this beer is packed with flavour, it is light enough in body to be enjoyed with a wide range of dishes.  In Norse mythology, ‘Sigrun’ is a Valkyrie, representing a selection of strong and wise women tasked with deciding who lived and died in battle.  On a more personal note, Sigrun (more affectionately known as ‘Runa’) is the grand matriarch of Odin Brewing.  Her name is Old Norse and roughly translates to ‘Victory Rune’.  Her namesake IPA pays homage to a strong and wonderful woman with a balanced and approachable character.


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