Steam Whistle loves Vancouver and the Good Beer Folks want to celebrate VCBW – June 5th 2013

On June 5th 2013 Steam Whistle Brewing out of Toronto Ontario held a party in Vancouver to help celebrate Vancouver Craft Beer Week (Unofficially) at the Butcher and Bullock.  The party was for loyal customers and local Beer Bloggers.  Steam Whistle Pilsner was poured and paired with a bunch of appies like chicken wings, breaded prawns and samosas to name what I can remember.  Some cool swag was given out like a 1L branded stein and a bottle opener.  The party was full of great friendly people some that I knew already and some that I just met that night!  This party reminded me that a good pilsner can be a great beer on a hot day.  This is something I have forgotten over the last few years while I have dived head first into the craft beer world.  Thanks so much Mike & James (Vancouver Reps) and Marina for the invite to a great event and for reminding me to pick up a pilsner on a hot day!

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Find out where to get Steam Whistle here

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