The Tin Whistle Brewing Company (Old Location) – Penticton BC

On Canada Day July 1st, 2013 I took a detour on the way home from Kelowna  to stop in Penticton to hit up a few breweries I have been a fan of for some time.  I was happy to hear that The Tin Whistle Brewing Company was open for regular business on the holiday Monday!


Mission Statement  We brew it, we drink it, we sell what’s left.

You know you are heading to a quality brewery when this is their mission statement!  I was in a bit of a hurry on this stop so I did not take as much time to chat with Lorraine Nagy (I am assuming) the owner of the brewery since 1998.  Her original plan was to purchase the brewery and run it for 5 years until she retired for good.  Now 15 yeast later she is still going strong!  I was really struck by how small this brewery was considering how wide spread their beer seems to be in BC.  It is tiny!  I was able to try a few samples while I was in the brewery/Tasting room one being their Stag Apple Scotch Ale.  This scotch ale is on the sweet side but also amazingly smooth.  I look forward to picking up a bottle for review as soon as I can find it!  One neat feature of this brewery is that the Brewery and Tasting room are in the same room.  If you are lucky you might just be able to watch them brew beer while you are in picking up a few bottles of brew or a growler fill!

If you happen to drive through Penticton one of these days don’t drive by without stopping by Tin Whistle Brewing.  I mean come on it is on the main street in town anyways so it would be hard to miss.  If you can not make it to Penticton make sure to at least stop in at your local BC Government or Private liquor store and pick up a bottle or three you will not be disappointed.

Tin Whistle Brewing Company
954 West Eckhardt Ave, Penticton
British Columbia


One comment on “The Tin Whistle Brewing Company (Old Location) – Penticton BC

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