Rosemary Peppercorn ESB (Cask) – Bridge Brewing Company

I happened to be passing by Bridge Brewing Company in North Vancouver after a hike and stopped in for a glass of beer.  To my surprise I was greeted by a cask sitting behind the bar at the brewery!  The cask in question was a “Rosemary Peppercorn ESB” and as the name suggests it was very interesting!  The ESB poured a reddish/orange colour with very minimal head.  The aroma consisted of fruit, piny rosemary, floral hops and maybe a bit of apple.  The flavour was of fruity (maybe apple), rosemary, pine, peppercorn including a mild pepper spice and some earthy cedar.  The alcohol content of this beer is 4.7% and the IBU is 26. This beer was very experimental and worked in every way possible!  I wish the bottled this and sold it everywhere.  I would be a regular!

IMG_00000933  Rosemary peppercorn esb


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