BNL Imperial Chocolate Stout – Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery

Limited Edition

From Barrie Ontario’s Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery comes their “BNL Imperial Chocolate Stout” a collaboration with the Canadian band Barenaked Ladies.  This is beer 1 in the Treble Clef Series by Flying Monkeys.  This stout pours an opaque black colour with a chocolate brown head.  The aroma consists heavily of chocolate and roasted malts.  The flavour is full of milk chocolate with roasted malts, sweetness, cream, mild bitterness and some mild alcohol.  The alcohol content of the beer comes in at 10%.  This is an amazing chocolate stout and well worth the collaboration with Barenaked Ladies.

Commercial Description:  If I had 2 million Ecuadorian Cocoa Nibs… I would brew you an Imperial Chocolate Stout.  Brewing with BNL demanded a rare treat – organic Ecuadorian Cocoa Nibs – to create a rich, friendly Imperial Chocolate Stout as sweet and quirky as the band’s music. We lovingly agreed aged this beer on a bed of luscious raw cocoa nibs creating a black velvety brew so fudge-y it makes you want to lick the inside of your glass.  Opaque as chocolate cake, this roasty brew pours topped with a whipped mocha froth. The creamy dark cocoa flavors gently warm with a steady 10% ABV. No bitterness to this stout, just a chocolate boldness the, like a happy memory or a perfect song, keeps on giving.  And like great music, this bottle is meant to be shared with special friends and family.

IMG_00001058  IMG_00001059

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