Brooklyn Silver Anniversary Lager – Brooklyn Brewery

From Brooklyn New York’s Brooklyn Brewing comes the “Brooklyn Silver Anniversary Lager” a dopplebock brewed for their 25th Anniversary.  The beer pours a deep copper colour with a white head.  The aroma consists of sweet malts, floral hops and a nutty finish.  The flavour is of sweet malts, fruit, hops bitterness, pepper, spices and a very mild alcohol finish.  The alcohol content of this beer is 8.6% and an IBU of 45.  This is one of the nicest Lagers you will taste and is worth the coin you will spend to purchase a bottle!

Commercial Description:  The Brooklyn Brewery is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, saluting our beginnings with a special doppelbock version of the Brooklyn Lager we introduced in 1988.  Silver Anniversary Lager will be available on draft until May, but throughout 2013 a bottle-conditioned version of the beer will feature unique labels from four great Brooklyn artists: Fred TomaselliRoxy PaineJoe Amhrein and Elizabeth Crawford. See the labels in action below, and read further to learn more about our relationship with each of the featured artists.

Food Pairing as per the brewery:  Steaks, chops, grilled meats, mushrooms, big gruyeres, aged cheddar, parmiggiano reggiano

IMG_00001050  IMG_00001054  IMG_00001055

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