Bird Of Prey (Flanders Red) – Driftwood Brewing

From Victoria BC’s Driftwood Brewing comes the “Bird Of Prey” a Flanders Red Ale.  I was lucky enough to try this beer recently at the Alibi Room on August 20th 2013.  I am not sure if this was a new batch of this beer or a keg coming from the 2011 batch but the original batch spent a full year in oak barrels.  The beer pours a copper orange with basically no head.  The aroma is of vinegar and fruits.  The flavour consists of vinegar, fruits, malts and a good funkiness.  The alcohol content may be 7.5% but there is nothing coming through at all.

Commercial Description:  The first in Driftwood’s Bird of Prey Wild Ale series, this sour ale was inspired by the Coopers Hawk that took residence in the brewery for a full 24 hours. Brewed in its honour, this wild ale spent a year in a mix of American and French oak wine barrels. Tart and funky, this beer can be aged a very long time, but is equally enjoyable now.

Driftwood birds of prey


7 comments on “Bird Of Prey (Flanders Red) – Driftwood Brewing

  1. I would imagine its from the last batch, since I was just in there a few weeks ago and they said they didn’t have plans for a new Bird of Prey just yet. And it were available again, I’d be scouring the stores from here to Port McNeil!

  2. Pdubyah says:

    Vinegar never sounds good

  3. Talking with a driftwood employee at the GCBF I was told that there were two kegs that did not go on oak back in the day. One was staff only and one went to the Alibi Room.

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