Three Countries Brown – The Noble Pig Brewhouse

From the celebrated brewery The Noble Pig Brewhouse out of Kamloops BC comes their “Three Countries Brown” named as such because the ingredients come from 3 different countries.  The Brown Ale pours a deep brown with a small tan head.  The aroma is of roasty malts, nuts and caramel.  The flavour is of roasty malts, sweetness, nuts, caramel, smoke, burnt coffee and maybe a hint of hops bitterness.  The alcohol content comes in at 5.5% and the IBU is 42.  I have heard so much about this brewery but I have not been to Kamloops for many years and as such have not had a chance to try their beer.  This is an amazing Brown Ale and I look forward to trying some more of their brews.

Commercial Description:  Brown Ale is traditionally brewed in England, Belgium & the USA so this brown ale combines raw materials from all three countries! The malt is from England, yeast from Belgium & the hops from Yakima in the USA. Full bodied with the ester nose of a Belgium saison. A great beer for the beginning of fall.

Noble Pig Brewhouse 3 countries brown

2 comments on “Three Countries Brown – The Noble Pig Brewhouse

  1. I would love to stop in here. Never been!

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