Saturnalia Gruit – Saltspring Island Ales

Limited Release

Coming from Salt Spring Island’s Saltspring Island Ales (Gulf Island Brewery) comes the “Saturnalia Gruit” an Ancient Ale using no hops as the style predates hops being used in beer.  This beer pours a dark brown colour with an off white head.  The aroma consists of sweet anise, malts, chocolate and cinnamon.  The flavour is of sourness and tartness with cinnamon, chocolate and anise.  The alcohol content comes in at 5%.  This is a very interesting beer for sure.  I really enjoyed the bottle for sure but I am not sure what I think of this style of beer but I am sure happy to see a style reborn none the less!  If you have never had a Gruit before pick up a bottle right away to see what you think.

COMMERCIAL DESCRIPTION:  Named for a Roman Festival of mythical revelry, our ’Saturnalia’ Gruit is made without hops, using a special blend of herbs and spices. A darker brew with notes of chocolate, cinnamon and anise, Saturnalia is our second foray into the realm of ancient ’Gruit’ Ales. Raise a glass of this truly unique beverage and share a toast to independence and eccentricity.


2 comments on “Saturnalia Gruit – Saltspring Island Ales

  1. It was interesting, wasn’t it? I wish I could find some these days. I am about to do a seminar on beer and this is a perfect example of an “ancient ale”.

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