Brassneck Brewery – Vancouver

Well it has happened!  A brand new brewery has opened in Vancouver.  The Owner of the Alibi Room Nigel and brewmaster Conrad the former brewmaster at Steamworks Brewpub have come together to open the newest Vancouver Brewery.  Known as Brassneck Brewing it is the first brewery in Vancouver to open with a full lounge for you to enjoy more than one sleeve of beer or a sampler paddle of 4 different brews.  There are a ton of seats with tables and a bar area to take in your brews.  There is also a growler station at the front of the brewery that is separate from the lounge area.  This should help keep lines down and make things move nice and smooth.  The space is really interesting looking with lots of wood features and exposed concrete.  I quite liked the look of the lounge.  The brewery is split into two different locations.  One on each side of the Lounge.  The one side you can poke your head in and see what it looks like while the other side is behind the bar with closed doors.  You are able to see into the area through little openings in the wood paneling on the walls.  I hope to get a tour of the brewery soon!

The brewery opened up with 8 different beer to sample and the 4 that I was lucky enough to sample were very good.  I look forward to trying out more of there wonderful beer soon!  There will be a review of one of their beer very soon.

Inertia Imperial Stout

Brassneck Brewery
2148 Main Street
Vancouver, British Columbia
Canada V5T 3C5

Hours as of October 9th 2013
Monday—Thursday: 2pm—11pm
Friday: 12pm—11pm
Saturday & Sunday: 11am—11pm

3 comments on “Brassneck Brewery – Vancouver

  1. beerscout says:

    Been a few times now and have started what will be a perpetual growler fill cycle! It’s awesome there, and it’s right around the corner from my place! Maybe I’ll go have a pint right now…

  2. […] Here is my original post for their grand opening back in Winter 2013. […]

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