Beer Advent Calendar 2013

I am sure everyone remembers their chocolate advent calendars as children.  Now there is an advent calendar just for us craft beer nerds!  There are 24 different bottles in the package all from North America.  10 beer are from Canada, 13 from the USA and one from Mexico.  The beer run from 4.5% and head all the way up to 10% alcohol!  To me this mean that they did not play it safe with the beer this year and catered to the beer nerd! I have an idea what one of the beer might be but overall there is no information on any of the beer or breweries as it is supposed to be a surprise every day.  From December 1st to 24th you will open the days slot and find out what the beer is and then throw it in the fridge.  When you get home from work It will be time to enjoy!  All the brews were brought together by Craft Beer Imports from Calgary Alberta.  No the only hard part will be to wait until December to drink it all!  The box comes in at a price around $130 and will sell out in the next few days!

Full Sized Photos can be found here!

This will be a landing spot for all the reviews I do of this beer in December.

About Mike

I am an avid outdoors man and hobby photographer who loves to spend as much time as possible exploring the beautiful backcountry of the Province of British Columbia and everywhere else! When not exploring nature though I am exploring Craft and Micro Brew beer locally and from around the world. If you love beer like I do please come on a journey for your taste buds. Who knows you just might find your next favorite beer!
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27 Responses to Beer Advent Calendar 2013

  1. beerscout says:

    The list of ABV’s is our only real clue! I hope the 10.0% is a Hair of the Dog brew😀

    Can’t wait! I hear there are different ones, not sure if that’s true? If it’s the same beers in different orders we might have to avoid hearing each other’s to keep the surprise alive

  2. Sheri says:

    How do you order??

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