Lustrum Wild Sour Anniversary Ale – Driftwood Brewing

From Victoria BC’s Driftwood Brewing comes the “Lustrum Wild Sour Anniversary Ale” the 4th release of the Bird of Prey Series and the 5th Anniversary ale.  The brew poured a blood red with a red head.  The aroma consisted of tartness, fruity black current and oak.  The flavour is of oak, black current, tartness, bitterness, some alcohol warmth and a bit of a bite in the finish.  The alcohol content of this brew comes in at a big 9.4%.  This beer is great but will do really well if aged for a bit longer.

Commercial Description:  Lustrum Wild Sour Ale pushes the perception of what beer can become!  Lustrum is our 4th release from our Bird of Prey series and commemorates our 5th Anniversary of crafting beer in Victoria! Aged for over a year in French Oak this blood red vinous beast holds depth of colour, flavour and aroma unparalleled in any beer we have brewed thus far. Fermented with locally sourced wild yeast and a copious load of black currants, Lustrum will be enjoyed on many levels!  In ancient Roman times the Lustrum represented a 5 year period. Driftwood Brewery has sacrificed the contents of 18 highly prized barrels of this sour beast for your enjoyment and to help us celebrate an amazing first five years!  Cheers!


7 comments on “Lustrum Wild Sour Anniversary Ale – Driftwood Brewing

  1. beerscout says:

    It sure is good! I am happy to have 6 bottles (5 left) so I can hopefully keep a few in the cellar for a while – seems like this one will age very gracefully. I wish I still had a bottle of Bird of Prey for a proper Driftwood sour vertical sometime

    • Not really a proper vertical with birds of prey as all 4 are different sours. This beer was probably the most rough early but may become the best of the bunch down the road. I love sours!

  2. sue says:

    Everything gets better with age ;D as I’m sure it will here. If I were blindfolded I might have thought I was drinking a sangria ( as I make mine boozy) but really couldn’t define the black current oh well . still enjoyed it in a small amount ,will wait for aging

  3. Aha! So they did do a sour this year, and they did intimate that they also had an anniversary ale coming. Guess they chose to kill two birds with one stone, huh?

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