Black Saison – Four Winds Brewing Company

Limited Brew

From the new Four Winds Brewing Company in Delta BC comes their very limited “Black Saison” a beer only available at the brewery.  The beer pours a black/brown colour with a brown head.  The aroma consists of toasty malts, pepper, yeast, fruits, oaky and some sourness from lactic acid.  The flavour of this brew was of roasted malts, dark fruits, pepper, yeast, mild oak and a mild sourness.  This beer was a really interesting creation being aged on Hungarian oak with Lactic acid to sour the beer.  The alcohol content comes in at 6% with an IBU of 25.  This beer was ridiculously good saison and Four Winds Brewing will not relent on their amazing releases.

four winds black saisonmmm


2 comments on “Black Saison – Four Winds Brewing Company

  1. beerscout says:

    Oh my this sounds amazing! I am guessing it was on the “no growler fills” side of the board, wasn’t it? I am blown away by their limited creations, I really hope they are able to bottle (or at least growler fill) more of them soon!

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