Kudzu Porter – Back Forty Beer Company (Dec 2 2013)

Beer Advent Calendar 2013

From Gadsden Alabama’s Back Forty Beer Company comes their “Kudzu Porter”.  The porter pours a deep brown with a tan head.  The aroma consists of deep roasted malts, smoke, chocolate and some citrus.  The flavour is of smoke, pine, bitterness, roasted malts, chocolate and some citrus rind.  The alcohol content comes in at 5.5% while the IBU is 42.  Not a huge fan of smoke in beer but this does work pretty darn well.

Commercial Description:  This medium-bodied Porter is brewed with a unique blend of roasted malts and fresh hops. Chocolate, smoky notes are abundant throughout and the citrus aroma provides a refreshing twist to this old world beer style. Careful, it will grow on you!

Food Recommendations as per brewery:  Pork, Lamb and Desserts

Beer Advent Calendar 2013

IMG_00002106  IMG_00002107  IMG_00002111

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