The 12 Beers of Christmas – 1 – Wychwood Brewery Bah Humbug Christmas Ale

(From Oxfordshire England’s Wychwood Brewery comes the “Bah Humbug Christmas Ale” added by Mike)

The first beer of Christmas on my list is a surprisingly hoppy Christmas ale.

Pleasant red-brown colour reminiscent of gingerbread with a white head that reminds me of icing.

There is a great gingerbread nose with emphasis on nutmeg with nice piney hop backing it. Faint notes of plum are on the tail end of the nose. Very Christmas-y smelling.

As I mentioned before this is a surprisingly hoppy Christmas ale, though not in a bad way. The pine and bitterness balance very nicely with the molasses notes and nice round mouthfeel. There are hints of spice that are refreshingly understated in a Christmas ale.

While it is not particularly complex Bah Humbug is a pleasant beer and something I will happily drink again.


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