Pale Ale – Black Kettle Brewing Company

Well It has happened again!  North Vancouver went from losing their only brewery to now having 4 breweries with more rumoured ones coming!  Black Kettle Brewing Company only opened their doors 4 days ago but they seem to already be creating a buzz.  They launched with a “Pale Ale” with more beers coming soon.  The Pale Ale pours a mildly cloudy amber colour with an off white head.  The aroma consists of big malts and caramel with citrus and some floral notes.  The flavour is malt and caramel forward with mild citrus and earthy hops following up.  The alcohol content comes in at a low 4% with an IBU of 25.  This is a semi sweet English Pale Ale and is a great new addition to our local beer scene.  There are very few English Style Ales being brewed here as we love our hop bombs.  Sometimes you just need a good mildly hopped ale and if today is that day then this is your beer!


One comment on “Pale Ale – Black Kettle Brewing Company

  1. […] So if you are in North Vancouver for any reason make sure to take a quick stop into the brewery and have a sleeve of beer or get a growler fill or three!  Click here to read my review of their Pale Ale […]

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