Granville Island Brewing – Vancouver

Lots of people know Granville Island Brewing for their 6 packs and 12 cases but this is no longer brewed by Granville Island Brewing (and hasn’t been for quite some time)  but contracted out by their Parent Company to the Okanagan.  They still do brew beer on the Island and it is where they really shine!  This is the original brewery although it has expanded since it was originally used to brew their regular beers.  The brews that really excite me though are the 650ml (22oz) bombers that Vern brews here.  Here creativity reigns and there is no meddling by their parent company.


Not only do they brew their beer for bombers on site here but they also do growler fills in their tasting room!  The tour of the brewery costs $9.75 and includes 3 four oz samples.  Depending on your knowledge of beer the tour can be very informative or a really relaxed stroll through the brewery like my tour.

They also have a great tasting room and store with lots of their beer as well as branded gear.  I recommend you head down here and check out what really excites me about Granville Island Brewing.  Don’t let their owner scare you away from their local Vancouver brewed beer!  I also would love to thank Granville Island Brewing for my personal tour!  It was amazing to have a look in the brewery at my own pace!!

Brewery, Store and Taproom
1441 Cartwright Street, Vancouver, BC V6H 3R7 l 604.687.BREW (2739) l Fax: 604.685.0504

Hours of Operation

GIB Retail Store: 10am to 8pm Every Day
(hours may change seasonally)

GIB Taproom: 12pm to 8pm Every Day
(hours change seasonally and with special events)

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    Click here for full list of BC Breweries

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