Howe Sound Brewing Troller Bay Ale

Squamish BC’s Howe Sound Brewing presents an homage to the Troller Pub, the first modern craft brewer in BC: the Troller Bay Ale.

A burnt orange colour with red highlights and a red tinted white head this is a really attractive beer, especially for fans of red ales.

The aromas are a great blend of malt and chocolate with a sharpness that is probably from the hops. And scent almost like malt balls comes at the end with a candied or burnt orange scent.

A velvety mouthfeel leads into a chocolatey orange with a nice metallic undertone. I say metallic as a positive, it accentuates the flavours and adds a sharpness to flavours that would otherwise be muddled. A bitter herb note comes as the beers hits the back of your tongue and is such a drastic change from the start of the beer. A very nice drinking experience as you change back and forth between a great sweet flavour profile and then to a bitter one.


One comment on “Howe Sound Brewing Troller Bay Ale

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