Silent Treatment Pale Ale – No-Li Brewhouse

From Spokane Washington’s No-Li Brewhouse comes their “Silent Treatment Pale Ale”.  This pale ale pours a golden colour with a white head.  The aroma consists of malts, citrus and floral hops.  The flavour is of caramel malts, citrus, pine and some hops bitterness.  The alcohol content comes in at 5.75%.  This is a well crafted beer with a great flavour.

Commercial Description:  If a tall pine falls in the Palouse and no one is there to hear it… Quietly brewed since 1993 and renamed in 2012 after another brewery gave us the silent treatment over a trademark issue with “Northern Lights,” this Spokane-style Pale lets its generous malt base and imposing use of Cluster and Cascade hops do the talking… No-Lie.


2 comments on “Silent Treatment Pale Ale – No-Li Brewhouse

  1. Had this one myself not long ago, as well as their Red Ale and IPA. They are quite good in general.

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