Strange Fellows Brewing (Cleansing Ceremony) – East Vancouver

Well East Vancouver’s Unnamed Brewery now has a name!  The name is Strange Fellows Brewing and Iain Hill and Aaron Jonckheere helped cement the name recently.  On March 30th, 2014 A bunch of friends of Aaron and Ian as well as local bloggers were invited out to participate in a Cleansing Ceremony.  The company that occupied the space where the brewery will be located had a rough go and went bankrupt. With all failed businesses there are lots of bad feelings and the two of them wanted to try and clear this space of negativity.  From what I gathered, although it was not fully explained I would guess the ceremony was of Wiccan or Pagan origin sadly I am a little ignorant of these faiths.

StrangeFellows-001 StrangeFellows-003

Once everyone had Gathered we were welcomed to stand around a large circle of what I would guess was salt.  Sadly due to the beliefs of the group no photography was permitted during the ceremony as it could cause bad luck.

The ceremony consisted of burning of different incense and herbs as well as chanting.  At multiple times during the ceremony the people preforming the ceremony walked around the circle and either passed burning incense passed each person or rubbed some kind of oil on us even once asking us to pinch some salt in our hands put it in our mouth and spit it out.   The earth (floor), ceiling and all walls where cleansed of bad feelings.  Part of the ceremony was to drive nails into all 4 walls to hold out bad feelings and hold in good one.   These nails must remain in the masonry for the eternity of the brewery’s existence in this building.  Once the ceremony was finished there was food and beer to be shared.  This was a great time to chat with both Ian and Aaron about what their plans were and what their timeline was like.  My previous post covered much of this but it is worth noting they hope to be opened in late summer but it is so early that timelines may shift!

Full sized photos can be found here

If you want to follow the progress of this exciting brewery check out their newly started social media sites.

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