ReNEWale 2014 – Ninkasi Brewing Company

Limited Release

From Eugene Oregon’s Ninkasi Brewing Company comes their “ReNEWale 2014″ a pale ale inspired by Norther German Altbiers.  This beer changes every year.  The beer poured a copper colour with an off white head.  The aroma consists of malty, mild fruits and a very mild hops.  The flavour is of bready malts, fruity and some hops bitterness.  The alcohol content comes in at 5.4% with an IBU of 32.  This was a really refreshing pale ale with a great balance.

Commercial Description:  New year, new beer indeed! A pale ale brewed with an alt yeast strain, this year’s ReNEWale is subtly malty yet deliciously crisp and smooth. Grab some friends and cheers to the year ahead!  Inspired by the traditional Northern German Altbier, our ReNEWale puts a Northwest spin on this style, offering a beer with a pale ale base brewed with an alt yeast strain. Similar to the German Altbier, this beer is copper in color with a malty aroma and little hop presence. It is crisp and smooth with a fairly bitter yet balanced malt flavor.

Food pairing as per brewery:  Pastas, meat dishes, stews, chicken, fish

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2 comments on “ReNEWale 2014 – Ninkasi Brewing Company

  1. Hey! I had this beer a few times in the last few months.

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