Malty Python And The Holy Ale – Fuggles & Warlock Craftworks (Aged 9 Months Aprox)

Before Dan Fuggles and Tony Warlock became a Commercial Gypsy Brewer they were a very well known home brew duo under the same name Fuggles & Warlock Craftworks.  Always known for their witty names this Belgian Tripel does not dissapoint “Malty Python And The Holy Ale”.  One of the good things about home brew is there is no worries of lawsuits as the name and label are amazing!  The beer poured a cloudy orange colour with a creamy white head.  The aroma consisted of malts, fruits, yeast and spices.  The flavour was of malts, citrus, citrus rind, oranges, yeast, candied sugar and spices.  This beer has an overall sweetness with a touch of alcohol warmth at the end.  The alcohol content comes in at a big 9.5%.  To say that this Belgian Tripel was amazing was to put it a bit to lightly.  I hope this beer reappears in the future with a less lawsuity name.


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